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Hey everyone.  The Dawg is here with my tale of RV living. Born number two of a three son set I’m kind of the cream in the middle of the cookie. Lovable and sweet. I’ve started camping in a two men tent and move up to a motorcycle pop up. Now that was cool !! A Road King pulling a Timeout. Not the safest thing I ever did but was a lot of fun. Next  we went to a travel trailer.The Visa by Gulfstream. “not the visa by US Bank”. It was 28 feet of pure fun. we loved it most days, except when it rained so we took care of that problem by buying a 36 foot Denali by a Dutchman some where. The salesman never did explain that well. Holland I guess. After I sign over my bank account and gave him a pair of Justin boots I was on the road with Denali our newest love… more to come later

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